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Wobblers are usually printed on cardboard or thick paper, they have rectangular or otherwise cut shape and 3x3 cm or A4 size. The optimal decision is to opt for A5. Wobblers have a plastic stem 145x10 mm with double-sided scotch tape at the end for display and mounting.

Wobbler is an original and eye-catching promotional product. Wobblers can quickly and brightly bring buyers’ attention to products or promotions in a particular area of the store, directing them towards attractive offers.

Wobblers are usually round-shaped, but if you wish we can print advertising wobblers of other shapes as well.

As the years of our experience show, wobblers are the best solution to increase sales, promote products or services, or popularize company brand. The cost of wobblers will be regained during the first days of your advertising campaign. Only a moment and your product is already added to buyer’s basket! Just attach this wonderful product to a counter, shelf, display or at checkout point and your product will be chosen by the customers.