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Ulmapress produces any types of calendars: quarterly calendars, wall and pocket calendars, as well as various self-standing desk calendars with wire-o binding. Their shape and design may be standard or customized one.

This is a great gift for your clients and partners to get your business in front of their eyes 365 days a year.

We offer a full range of calendar products!

Pocket calendars

Pocket calendar is an effective advertising medium. This small and handy card effectively helps to promote your sales and business.

Quarterly calendar

If your company has multiple partners, you need to have your own quarterly calendar.


Quarterly calendars in Riga

Quarterly calendars in Latvia


Such calendars may be used for a number of occasions. Firstly, they decorate your office premises. Full-colour quarterly calendars will be in harmony with your corporate colours, perfectly fitting into your office design. Secondly, it is a stylish gift for your partners and corporate clients. Every single day these calendar will put your company in front of eyes of so many people.


Wall calendars

Wall calendars, especially those made individually for your company, often serve as a corporate gift for VIP clients and partners. For this purpose we also offer exclusive package: this can be a cardboard box, paper bag or a creatively designed package, being in harmony with the main concept of your wall calendar.


Desk calendars

Desk calendar is one of the most convenient types of calendars. It is a very handy office accessory to put on your desk without occupying much space.


Desk calendar is an everyone’s personal tool. It is always at hand when you need it, for example to make a note on future call, meeting, etc. It is easily foldable and packable when you move to another office. Personalized desk calendars will undoubtedly become a worthy addition to your workplace, being your assistant for the whole year!


To order calendars, simply call us or contact our online-consultant. We’ll discuss all issues concerning materials, post-printing process and develop a high-quality and attractive design of your calendar!