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Notepads are glued sheets of paper. 80 gsm uncoated paper or matte coated paper from 80 to 150 gsm is commonly used for notepads. The usual size is 90 x 90 mm, number of sheets varies from 100 (9x9x1 cm) to 900 (9x9x9 cm). Side gluing allows making a block of sheets.

Notepads (memo pads) are required by any businessman and employee: accountants note digits, lawyers – phone numbers and meeting places, pharmacists – dosages for patients, managers – information about orders, clients, calls, etc.

Our technologies allow producing very solid blocks without glue cracking, while sheets may be perfectly torn off!


Desk planner is an office planning tool, a hybrid of a common notebook and calendar.


These notebooks are handy to make notes during current work, meetings, negotiations with partners or during important conversations over the phone. These accessories facilitate your business, simplify task completion monitoring and allow adjusting work schedule.