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We make stoppers of cardboard, foam board or plastic – any print-runs of ready-made products at affordable prices. Stoppers are produced using the technology of direct UV-printing on any sheet-shaped materials, or applying self-adhesive film.

Stopper (also known as showstopper, eye-stopper) is a POS-material to attract attention of potential buyers, making them stop and buy your product.

Stoppers can be made of different materials, applying a number of technological solutions. They are placed on the shelf or on the floor next to a product.


Stoppers can be both out- and in-store promotional solutions, as follows:

  • Usual stoppers – hardposters and body-shaped figures. They are placed at the shop entrance or next to shelves with the promoted products to draw attention of potential customers.
  • Eye-stoppers. It can be both small and huge objects, and they are mostly aimed at catching the eye of a potential customer with their original appearance.
  • Shelf stoppers. This is a product extending outside the shelf and drawing attention with its bright and original look. Another kind of these stoppers are shelf banners, i.e. vertical posters fixed to the shelf perpendicularly to flow of purchasers like a side-mounted light box.
  • Showstoppers. The most pompous, bright, creative and unusual stoppers looking like a theatrical performance! Not necessarily objects, but even real people can be showstoppers, for example models at car expos.


Use of showstoppers is an unusual and original idea to surprise and make potential customers stop and pay attention.

Printing house Ulmapress produces stoppers, mobiles, promo stands and displays and other kinds of original and eye-catching POS-materials for promotional campaigns.