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A dispenser is a cardboard display with one or more pockets. They can be table-standing, wall-mounted, assembled, or one-pieced. To produce them we use offset printing, cutting plotter + lamination or varnish. We produce high-quality dispensers at affordable prices.

This is a great item to store, dispense and promote your products. They are unique products and are made just for specific goods.


A dispenser is an open display with a container that makes it easy and quickly for customers to take the products from it. Small-sized goods are often chaotically placed on store shelves, which reduces their sales, therefore dispensers are a perfect idea to sell batteries, lighters, chewing gums, candies etc. in a non-random manner. Dispensers are also widely used for handing out flyers or showing promotional products.


Being an advertising medium, dispensers have lots of advantages:

  • low production cost makes them to be a cheap advertising solution;
  • they are resistant to dust, moisture, and sunlight;
  • they effectively but gently advertise any product or service, increasing the success of an advertising campaign;
  • easy to use and transport;
  • dispensers do not require any maintenance: your customers take products and flyers and the only thing you need to do is just restock it;
  • stylish addition to your corporate theming and store layout;
  • in case of a new sales campaign they can be replaced without heavy expenses.