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Beverage coasters

The most affordable and commonly known way to produce beermats and beverage coasters is to make them of a cardboard protected from moisture with special film coating. Beermats and beverage coasters may have various shapes and different thickness. After they get produced, they are usually adorned with a customized image or text.

This product has a number of names, i.e. coaster, drink coaster, beverage coaster, or beermat. However, no matter how we call them, they are generally used to rest beverages upon.


There is a slight difference in what beverage we rest upon. So, beermats are mostly used to place beer, while coasters are a general term to describe the item we use to protect the surface of a table where we might place a beverage.

Size of beermats and coasters

Beermats and coasters are printable items, so they can be used to promote a brand of beer, drinking establishment, etc. That is why they are widely used to make up a branded style of the interior in bars and cafés. However, they are still functional items, as they are used not only to protect the surface of a table, but also to absorb condensation dripping along the glass.


Beermats are traditionally round, however we can produce them in any shape: this can be a geometric figure or a shape of any object.