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Souvenir packaging

We manufacture cardboard souvenir packaging of any complexity, using 200-270 gsm cardboard or coloured creative cardboard, or 250-270 gsm paper. Our specialists will help you to develop and produce any non-standard packaging.

One of the premium services at Ulmapress is designing and production of souvenir packaging boxes, packaging for adornments, as well as customized packaging for business gifts (with customized size and exclusive design).

We design and manufacture ready-made business package for corporate souvenirs. Packaging for adornments, jewellery and accessories is made of premium materials, using the most modern technologies and in full compliance with the requirements of customers.

To produce souvenir packaging we implement individual design, using advanced technologies.

Production of souvenir packaging

Even the best souvenir cannot do without a colourful, handy and original packaging. That is why many manufacturers tend to release limited editions of their products in souvenir packaging, effectively standing out them. Original souvenir packaging is most often used to pack:

  • premium class alcohol and tobacco products;
  • premium class coffee or tea;
  • perfumes and cosmetics;
  • watches, pens and other accessories;
  • jewellery.

Order souvenir packaging

Among the many benefits of customized souvenir packaging, we’d highlight the following ones:

  • Optimal parameters. Possibility to choose a design, necessary size, shape and configuration.
  • Possibility to create a personal gift. Any product name or even a commemorative inscription may be printed on the box.
  • Possibility to use it as a decoration. Both single items of souvenir packaging and accurate stands with colour-adjusted boxes of different sizes may effectively fit into any interior.

Customized souvenir packaging should be thoroughly developed and this is entirely possible at Ulmapress. Contact us and we’ll design and produce an ideal souvenir packaging to stand out the best features of your products!