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Gift packaging

Quality of gift packaging depends on printing and assembling features, while its attractiveness – on original shape, exclusive design and extra decoration. Any decoration like lamination, embossing/debossing, varnishing, etc. increases the cost of packaging, while the simpler packaging is, the cheaper it is.

Packaging is the first step to get a gift.

Beautiful gift package with your company’s logo creates a festive mood and bright atmosphere of magic at your corporate event!

Beautiful branded gift box is the most popular and effective way to strengthen corporate spirit and increase your brand recognition. Souvenirs and gifts in a branded gift box look presentable and will stick in memory for a long time.

High-quality packaging is required to present a product or to keep it in a safe manner. Packaging functionality depends on its design and durability. While handmade packaging is very expensive, packaging produced at Ulmapress may be a great alternative to make your gifts distinctive, eye-catching and memorable at affordable price.

Order gift packaging

Ordering gift packaging at Ulmapress, you will be offered a themed decoration, individual approach in choosing the design and harmonious colour combinations, and unique layout. Packaging is of great importance for any gift, as it creates a first impression.

Ulmapress has a number of packaging types suitable for decoration, storage, etc. Production of gift packaging has several steps:

  • determination of parameters of a gift to be packed;
  • determination of number of printed products;
  • layout design;
  • printing;
  • post-printing decoration using modern techniques.

Advantages of printing house services

Original packaging is the best way to present any gift, even an inexpensive one. Hard cardboard and other types of paper perfectly retain the shape of any packaging. Customized package printing may be used for corporate, advertising and informational objectives. Our designers take into account all wishes of the customers to make unique and recognizable products.