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Business cards

Ulmapress provides a full-service business card production: from layout to printing. We print both low-cost and exclusive business cards, on any paper, making them die-cut, embossed, etc. We print business cards within the shortest possible time, using offset, digital and screen printing technology.

A business card is a small, but important part of a successful business. It has much to say about you and your company.

Today, business cards are a sort of identity documents in business and an integral part of any introduction. Having a unique and beautiful business card significantly increases possibility of keeping it by client who will surely use it in future to get in touch with you.

Business cards in Riga

The role of business cards

Almost no modern businessman can do without business cards. Thanks to this little card your clients can keep detail information about your company and its activities. This is a very convenient thing because you can give the key details of the company when no pen and paper is available at hand.

Where business cards can be used?

Nowadays, the most common types of business cards are:

  • Company business cards. Company’s brand, logo, slogan, address, phone/fax number is to be printed on business cards designed for companies. These business cards are widely used to exchange contact information in business affairs.
  • Promotional business cards. These cards are commonly used as a successful promotional medium at seminars or exhibitions.
  • Personal business cards. These cards are considered to be the most popular. They include full name, phone number, e-mail and other info of a person.

Advantages of business cards

Do you need business cards in Riga? Ask Ulmapress! We use only high-quality materials to produce them. Business cards are also in-demand due to their affordability for anyone. Just make a call!