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Catalogues and brochures

The most common size for brochures and catalogues is A4. Number of pages depends on the amount of information placed on them. The cost is calculated depending on the print run, printing technology and post-printing processes: UV varnishing, gold or silver embossing, lamination, etc.

Catalogues are the most effective promotional printed products because of their accessibility and practicality of the printed publications. Catalogues may reflect your creativity through different printable extra features, while being a reliable and versatile source of informational and emotional content.


Brochures, magazines, catalogues are multi-paged products, consisting of cover and page block that are bound together. They are durable and accessible products, excellently combining large amount of information and beautiful illustrations.


Binding methods:

Menu is one of the key tools to convince your customers to try more dishes and be back to your restaurant. Menu is the first thing your guests will take in hands, and to bring more profit it must be printed on high-quality paper to show off your delicious dishes, while being easy-to-use and, surely, stylish just like your restaurant!