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X-Mas and New Year packaging

Christmas and New Year packaging tends to be solid and have different capacity, while its size, design and shape depends on your wishes. Your corporate packaging may be decorated with any image, pattern or logotype of your company. Ulmapress produces unique and ready-made packaging for you!

Do you need a bright and beautiful packaging for Christmas gifts?

Ulmapress team knows that all adults and children love originally packed X-mas gifts. Exclusively packed corporate gifts are a perfect chance to show how much you appreciate your staff and clients during this special time of year. Be sure that logo of your company on a gift box or bag won’t be treated like an advertising, but just like a detail reminding about you and your pleasant gift. Indeed, qualitatively made and beautiful packaging is unlikely to be thrown away, so it will be reminding about your company for a long time.

In fact, gift package and decoration have the same importance as the X-mas gift itself. It is gift packaging that allows creating a festive mood, standing out your gift among other gifts and making it more presentable, precious and beautiful.

For our clients we create original New Year and X-mas gift boxes. We’d be happy to choose the most suitable materials, find the best design and print any quantity of products you wish.