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Books and magazines

Books are non-periodical publications of more than 48 pages, having text, images and other information. The cost of book printing depends on selected materials, format, number of pages, complexity of cover and inner pages design, etc.

Ulmapress prints both hard- and soft cover books. We print books, using offset and digital technology. If you need only 1 book, digital printing perfectly fits this task. Maximum size for your book is 300 x 400 mm, if offset technology is chosen. The cost always depends on the run, i.e. the more the run is, the less the cost is, so larger runs are cost-effective. Short-runs are convenient when you need to print some books as a gift for your friends. This option also perfectly fits for authors who want to share their books in small quantities.


As opposed to books, magazines are periodical printed products generally published on a regular schedule, often monthly or otherwise, i.e. twice a month, bimonthly, quarterly, semiannually, annually, etc. Just like newspapers, magazines are part of the global media industry. Technically, a magazine is a block of printed sheets (with cover) that are bound together at the back of the block. Magazines have editorial classification by content departments and contain a number of articles on various life issues.


Ulmapress guarantees excellent appearance and quality of your books and magazines!