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Shelf talkers

Shelf talkers tend to be made of cardboard and plastic. They usually have rectangular shape, however, you are free to choose any shape. Ulmapress offers full-service production of shelf talkers: from layout to printing and post-printing (cutting, varnishing, embossing, UV varnishing and lamination). Any print-runs are available.

Shelf talkers are full-colour promotional products to be placed right on the shelf in close proximity to the product to draw the customer's eye to the shelf where your products are offered.

Shelf talkers also provide customers with additional info about the price and advantages of a product, as well as about discounts and special offers.

Shelf talkers are mounted on the ends of product shelves, using a special lock, hook or scotch tape. Location of your product and especially its merchandise display should be taken into account upon producing shelf talkers. Such details are quite important to increase the demand for your product.