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About Us

Your ideas, our solutions.

Printing services include a wide range of works oriented to manufacture of printed products. For 15 years, printing house Ulmapress has been dealing with orders of any complexity, keeping high level of professionalism:

  • printing works;
  • post-printing;
  • design and development;
  • production of POS-materials;
  • design and creation of packaging;
  • and a wide range of services also related with pre/post printing processing;


Today, we are one of the leading companies in the printing industry, being trusted by customers and respected by competitors.

Our company relies on development, as evidenced by the following facts:

  • during the year the number of customers has increased by more than 90%;
  • in the midst of an economic crisis, we’ve brought back clients not by prices, but by excellent service and quality of our products;
  • we’ve expanded the range of printing services, introducing more than 75 new items;
  • high level of performance.


Ulmapress is a close-knit team of experienced and competent professionals who are primarily focused on professional work performance:

  • you will be assigned a personal manager who will cooperate with you and supervise completion of each order;
  • our designers take into consideration all your desires, explore the concept of your brand and offer solutions that are the most suitable for you;
  • we have personnel with years of experience in the printing industry who complete your customized projects within the shortest time possible;
  • we deliver your orders for free.


Full-service printing house Ulmapress has its own production facilities to manufacture any kinds of printed products:

  • offset and digital printing;
  • screen printing and UV printing;
  • interior and large-format printing;
  • all kinds of post-printing;
  • full production run for cardboard and corrugated fibreboard packaging.


Own Design Studio

In addition to completing all kinds of printing works, our company also provides promotional services: own design studio, package design department, excellent printing and post-printing facilities. Any idea may be developed from scratch, taking into account the business philosophy of each customer.

Our feature is the ability to manufacture non-standard and unusual products. Powerful production facilities include high-performance equipment. We carry out all types of modern finishing: embossing/debossing, foiling, laminating, die-cutting, fold sealing, etc.

Customer confidence

The fullest range of printing services is available in one place with a high level of quality and huge potential of solutions. The confidence of customers and strong friendly relations with partners are the values we cherish.

  • more than 9 million units produced per year;
  • constant participation in competitions and exhibitions;
  • 15 years of experience in the printing industry;
  • over 500 regular customers and partners.