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Neck Hangers

Neck hangers are made of various types of paper, cardboard, or plastic, using offset printing. We produce neck hangers of all types and shapes. Depending on your budget and objectives, we also provide any post-printing processing, i.e. cutting, embossing/debossing, stamping, etc.

A neck hanger is a price tag with promotional information to be fixed on bottle neck. Such price tags are quite efficient, as they require no glue, while being perfectly visible on the bottle neck.

Customized price tags always help to increase the sales of the product they are created for. This advertising product is convenient to show the price of a product and information about it, as well as to let your clients know about sales campaigns and offers.


Apart from bottles, neck hangers can be also placed on brake fluid containers, cosmetic products, medicines, etc., promoting them and giving information about discounts and campaigns.

Neck hangers are an attractive tool to make your products stand out among competitors’ products and increase your sales. They are quite durable, so you may use them as a long-lasting medium for extending your marketing message.