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Fast food packaging

Packaging shape and type depends on the company’s corporate style. Focusing on the design of a future box, we develop the most optimal structure and test it. Production starts only after a successful testing is completed.

Ulmapress offers a variety of high-quality, handy and pleasantly looking containers to transport and temporarily store fast food and sushi.


Thanks to careful performance and production technologies used by us to produce fast food packaging, your sushi and rolls or aromatic pastries will keep their taste while being delivered.


Design, appearance and materials depend on product’s shape, food nature and composition:

  • Cardboard cups with and without lids;
  • Disposable boxes for pies, hamburgers, pizza, etc.;
  • Packaging for oriental noodles and other first and second courses;
  • vCardboard boxes for lunch;
  • Fast-food packaging is used by fast-food chains, shops and various take-away street cafes.