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UV coating

UV coating in the printing industry

UV coating is a very glossy surface treatment. Today, this treatment is one of the most popular and modern. UV can be applied on spot locations of paper or by flooding the entire surface.

Use of UV coating:

Flooding is used for covers, folders, postcards and other product whose entire surface is supposed to be full matte or glossy. Spot UV coating is used to stand out some inscriptions, logos, design elements and to make the image look raised.

UV coating advantages:

  • instant adhering to the material;
  • chemical and physical stability;
  • endless design possibilities;
  • spectacular visual appearance;
  • solid adherence;
  • good compatibility with other materials.


UV coating may accentuate your products even more by applying special visual effects:

  • spot coating;
  • gloss and/or matte effect;
  • adding texture or pattern;
  • fluorescent, luminescent or pearlescent sheen;
  • glitters, pigments;
  • thermochromic UV coating;
  • golden UV coatings.