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Design Studio

Printing quality and final product appearance are the key factors in the printing industry.

Designing a printed product, we rely not only on original and creative solutions, but also on good knowledge of the printing industry to ensure proper colour reproduction and quality of the final product. As a result, each run has its own style and a recognisable appearance.

Ulmapress Design Studio provides:

  • logo and corporate style design
  • logo and raster image drawing
  • retouching and colour correction
  • photomontage
  • layout making and prepress

High-quality, eye-catching and recognizable design is a key of success of any advertising campaign.

To provide full support for our customers we have created a professional full-service design studio. Just make a call to order both design and manufacture of your product with our industrial equipment. You won't have to deal with third-party contractors – let us complete full cycle of your project within the shortest time possible and you will only need to pick up the products.