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Lamination is a process of covering printed products with solid transparent film. Experience has shown that even the most high-quality and out-of-kind paper-based printed products have a short service life. Lamination of business cards and invitations protects them not only from physical damage, but also from the aggressive environmental effects.

Lamination film may be glossy or matte and has different thickness. Matte lamination is often described as a more professional and elegant finish, and no other matte coating will work the same way. Matte film for lamination is needed to avoid light reflection. Matte is more presentable choice for lamination: it is used for premium promotional products, making a pleasant tactile experience. Matte lamination is suitable to apply spotted UV-varnish.

At first sight, gloss lamination hardly can be distinguished from a glossy UV-varnish. However, it is more resistant to exterior impacts, especially in folded and creased areas of a product. In addition, lamination considerably improves quality of images.