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Foil stamping

Our all-purpose printing house manufactures presentable foil-stamped products, using a special stamping machine for maximum size of 300 x 300 mm. Foil stamping is suitable for different materials, e.g. paper, leather, wood, etc.

Foil stamping. Material (e.g. paper, leather, plastic) and foil are placed together on the table of the foil stamping machine. The die is heated to a high temperature and pressed with force into the surface of the material. Once cooled, the foil stamping machine is opened and the waste foil is removed, as well as the printed material. The output of this process is beautiful and eye-catching appearance. Try to apply gold foiling to your business card or letterhead to make it much more attractive.

Blind stamping. This method creates a depression in the paper or other material, using die, pressure and temperature. This technology is often used for day planners, business card holders and other materials made of natural or artificial leather. Blind stamping aims at getting a depressed image on textured paper or leather, using a die. As opposed to foil stamping, no foil is used, however, in order to have a smoother and glossy appearance, some special films may be applied. Working process temperature is usually lower than upon foil stamping to avoid overheating and material damaging.

Embossing. This method is used to get a raised or embossed image. The procedure requires the use of two dies: one that is raised and one that is recessed, and the final result is achieved, applying pressure and temperature.