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Colour proof making

Proofing technology

Prepress proofing is a colour reference guide for adjusting the press before the final press run. It saves the costs of printing a final document that may contain errors or unexpected colour changes.

Development of direct exposure technologies replaced traditional analogous ways of colour proofing, and digital technologies are mostly in use now.

Digital proofing

For digital proofing Ulmapress uses 8-colour inkjet printer Epson Stylus Pro 4880, raster processor EFI Color Proof and special colour proofing roll paper certified by FOGRA.


Proofing allows:

  • having a hard copy of layout with proper colour reproduction, i.e. a closest simulation of the ultimate output;
  • detecting colour reproduction errors due to wrongly prepared layout;
  • avoiding loss of time and money because if errors are found during the printing process on press, correcting them can prove very costly to one or both parties involved.



  • Pantone inks may be proofed inexactly;
  • creative and special papers are not suitable for proofing, as there may be some inexactly reproduced colours.

Digital colour proofs are 1:1 scaled. To save your money you can choose only the most intricate parts of your layout to have them colour-proofed. Width of area to be printed is 42 cm, length is almost limitless.