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Metal or plastic spiral binding is the most common type of binding. It is well-known for its functionality and convenience. This method is widely used to bind calendars, albums, reports, manuals, reference materials, etc.


  • strength: strong and reliable binding
  • functionality: 360 degrees rotation
  • solid appearance of a product

Metal spiral allows binding sheets made of different materials and having different density. However, there is no possibility to open the metal spiral and add/remove sheets.

Saddle stitching is the most practical way to create a soft cover booklet with small number of pages. This is a reliable and relatively inexpensive way of binding. Using this method, it is possible to bind up to 48 pages. Gathered printed sheets are stitched with wire (staple) at their folded centres. This method is often used for promotional products, booklets, etc. Saddle-stitching machine exactly binds sheets, and as a result they are solidly gathered in a printed product.

Glue binding machine is an ideal solution to produce a soft cover booklet, book, or catalogue with big number of pages. This is the most beautiful production way. In the end, this type of binding allows getting a book.

Glue binding:paper signatures get gathered and bound in a block, using special equipment to apply glue that melts at 100°C and gets solidified 1-2 seconds after being cooled.


  • books, magazines and catalogues are easy to open;
  • attractive appearance;
  • unlimited block volume;
  • block solidity;
  • block and cover get bound simultaneously;
  • high-performance process;
  • there is no complicated folding process.

Ulmapress offers one more type of binding: wire-o binding with hangers.

Metal hangers make use of a calendar, poster or map more convenient.

Upper bar with hanger allows attaching a calendar to wall, while lower one prevents calendar from tearing or curling.

Not only promotional products have to be bound, but also scientific publications, workflow papers and other printed materials. Using proper binding, you can make your products more attractive!