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Package Design Department

Package Design Department.

Be sure that choosing any products, buyers pay attention to the packaging, its quality, appearance and convenience. Even the smallest defect that complicates unpacking process will leave a bad impression, seriously ruining the reputation of your company. Poorly made handle will make it hard to transport a product, while wrongly chosen packaging material may endanger safety of your products.

Therefore, engineers, designers and technologists are looking for the optimal solutions to create a modern, reliable, durable and beautiful packaging. Firstly, designers develop a concept of packaging, its approximate size and appearance. Then engineers optimize the structure, calculating exact geometric sizes which are to be in line with the expected material, finding optimal solution for fastening elements and developing a box cutting die.

The most common material used for packaging is cardboard. This material has hygienic certificates, thus it is ideal for food and medicines packaging. Due to its multi-layered structure, cardboard has better durability and is used for souvenir packaging, cosmetics, food products and other small-sized and small-weighted items.

Flexibility, low cost, possibility to apply full-colour offset printing directly on the material makes cardboard to be the bestseller material for promotional and souvenir packaging. Use of creative cardboard types gives more opportunities for designers to make your corporate and souvenir packaging exclusive.

Micro-corrugated cardboard is used for packaging production when a product requires greater protection from damages or has a considerable weight. Due to its structure, this material better protects products during transportation and storage, while being light-weight and inexpensive material.

However, it is a task to print on such a packaging because micro-corrugated cardboard is rather thick. This cardboard is directly printable only using screen printing technology, covering it with one or two inks. This means that it is quite difficult to produce a beautiful and competitive packaging without additional processing.

Litho-laminating solves this problem, allowing to have both durable and colourful packaging. This is a technological process where two materials (basis and liner) get glued. Cardboard, micro-corrugated cardboard or book-board are used as a basis. Coated paper with printed image, creative carton, binding materials (vinyl binding materials, artificial leather), and cardboard are used as a liner.

As a result, we get a universal packaging that meets all the necessary requirements. It is durable, light-weighted, eco-friendly and has no restrictions for printing. Producing litho-laminated packaging, some finishing solutions are possible, e.g. lamination, foiling, UV-printing, spot UV-varnishing, etc.