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Digital printing

Digital printing is one of the most effective ways to get printed products with excellent quality within the shortest period of time. Digital printing also allows personalizing them.

No matter one copy or thousands of copies, there is no need to wait for some days because high speed of printing allows getting final products in an instant.

In addition, digital printing allows having a look at test sheet, and there is no need to reprint the whole run in case of any adjustments. Based on the file data printer applies dry inks (toner) which are then adhered to paper under high temperature. As a result, computer image file becomes final output on paper.

Digital printing is the fastest technology in the printing industry: any product gets printed directly from computer without prepress processes, thus significantly reducing production time and creating an optimal quality/price ratio.

Modern digital printing is a great opportunity to get almost any printed products within the shortest time possible, e.g. greeting cards, business cards, brochures, flyers, postcards, leaflets catalogues, etc.

Main advantages of digital printing are:

  • high quality and bright image;
  • budget saving;
  • possibility to print any run, even the shortest one;
  • test printing. This allows having a look at a sample of the whole run before starting main printing process. If the end result is not good, then the layout just gets fixed;
  • efficiency;
  • personalization.

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