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Offset printing technology is quite a complicated process and knowledge of some details will help to find a common language between a printing house and customer in a much quicker manner.


How much time we need to make an offer for you?

We’ll calculate the cost of your product within one or two hours after your request is sent to us (if all the details required for calculation are provided by you). In some cases, calculation may take more time if your order includes more than three different items to be printed with some separate post-printing processes, or when it’s supposed to be an order with increased complexity. In this case, we’ll provide you with the price during the workday. You can get the price by any convenient way to be agreed with our manager upon placing your request.


What is the difference between digital and offset printing? Why offset printing is more preferred?

Despite the new printing technologies, offset printing still remains unsurpassed in terms of quality, since this is the only printing method to implement any idea of designers with exact reproduction of colors and halftones. Our advanced equipment makes it fast to print medium and large runs, and, along with this, the more is your print run, the cheaper is unit cost.

Offset technology allows using non-typical inks (metallic or fluorescent), expanding your possibilities beyond the typical full-color printing. The only disadvantage of this method is a very high cost at short-runs (up to 500 copies), and, in such a case, it makes sense to choose digital printing.


How much time we need to print an average offset-printed run?

It mostly depends on complexity of your layout, technical operations and post-printing processes. If your layout is well-prepared and meets all out printing requirements, then a minimum time is required to start press process.


How should I pay for my order?

Printing starts after 50% prepayment is received. This sum is required to cover our expenses for consumable items. However, special conditions may be offered to regular customers.


Are there any paper restrictions?

The range of paper used in the printing industry is rather wide. There are only some technically predetermined restrictions which are associated with paper density, i.e. offset sheet-fed machines allow printing on paper with density from 80 up to 350 gsm, and on cardboard up to 300 gsm.


It may happen that a customer is not satisfied with the quality of the products. How do you solve such problems?

Our specialists seek to complete orders in utmost accordance with the customer’s requirements. However, some problems still may occur in any printing house. If a defect is caused by our fault we will either compensate the cost of print run, or re-print the wrong copies. If a defect is caused by some actions of the customer, then the additional expenses should be covered by the party at fault.


Can your printing house reject an order? When does it happen?

This happens for various reasons. Sometimes, we technically cannot complete your order, or the layout sent doesn’t meet the requirements and there is no possibility to fix it. Heavy workload may also be a reason why we have no physical possibility to print your order within the terms specified by you.