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Would you like to order calendars for 2019?

Now, there are no limits to your ideas: our professionals will be happy to make real your projects in the field of packaging or printing. At Ulmapress, you may bring to life the most challenging and extraordinary ideas. Our facilities allow us to provide high quality large-format or interior printing. You can be sure that even the most difficult outdoor advertisement project will be done quickly and professionally.

The original and unique calendars are available now for our Scandinavian and European customers, and you can be sure that your original customized year 2019 calendar will be of excellent quality. By the way, we are not just professional calendar-makers, we also print promotional leaflets, brochures, folders, flyers, different kinds of postcards, brochures or even envelopes, notepads, posters, magazines, catalogues and labels.

Why order calendars from us?

Your orders are completed by experienced professionals, using the modern equipment. This is our experience that allows us to perform tasks which cannot be completed by unfair printing houses and amateurs.

The speed we complete orders makes our customers quite happy. The latest technologies and large staff allow us to find quick solutions, even during the hardest workload. We also can deliver products to you.

Order Year 2019 Calendars from Ulmapress!